Residents & Janitor

How do I request repairs for my apartment?

You need to fill ou the maintenance request form for repairs.

Where can I find a copy of the building rules?

You can find the rules here.

How do I pay my rent?

We have three ways of paying the rent.

  1. Direct deposit : Please provide a voided check
  2. Bank transfer :
    • Q: your building-apartement number (example Marquette apt 302) will be MAR4295 302
    • A: bleu11
  3. Give us a series of checks covering the year to come.

How to I yield my lease to someone else?

You have to go through the procedures below (documents in French) :

  1. Entente de Cession
  2. Cession de Bail
  3. Règlements d’immeubles
  4. Changement responsabilité Hydro Québec

When is garbage collection day?

We keep our buildings clean. To get the schedule of collections follow the link to info-collecte.

What do I do if the electricity is out?

Consult the Hydro-Quebec power outages page.

Who do I call if there’s an emergency?

If there’s a medical emergency or a fire call 911 immediately. For all other emergency call your janitor.

Janitor listing per building

Annie Geneviève Girard 438.508.1457 4251 DeLorimier
Annie Geneviève Girard 438.508.1457 4259 DeLorimier
Michel-André Paquette 514.966.5703 210 Datura
Richard Caldwell 514.525.0549 4215 De La Roche
 4229 De La Roche
Buena Fe Justo 514.586.5556 2150-2160 Ave Mont-Royal
2125-2133 Ave Mont-Royal
107 Ave Mont-Royal Ouest
117 Ave Mont-Royal Ouest
125 Ave Mont-Royal Ouest
4295 Marquette
7060 Molson
 3685 Berri
4455 Coloniale
3680 Ave du Parc Lafontaine
110-120 Rachel
4510-4512 St-Urbain
25 Beaubien
nnie Geneviève Girard 438.508.1457 6945 Christophe-Colomb
Sébastien Lamontagne 514.966.4704 5944-5956 Avec du Parc
Michel Raby 514.521.6741 1225 Gilford
Claude Mercier 438.394.6763 5051 Berri
Madeleine Ouellet 438.398.3163 350 Cote Vertu
Colette Amos 514.442.6807 3414 Iberville
Richard Hamel 514.272.7734 1122-1144 Villeray